• Complements the existing web-based databases and visualization tools for budding yeast
  • Provides high-quality visualizations of interaction networks for user-specified gene(s)
  • Highlights within such visualizations information on function, expression, timing and network importance
  • Goes beyond "hairball" networks to provide rational visualizations
See the documentation for more detailed information

Data integration

GEMMER integrates data from various sources into a single database

  • SGD Interactome and experimental evidence
  • CYCLoPs Relative abundance and localization
  • YeastGFP Absolute abundance and localization
  • SCEPTRANS Timing of peak transcription during the cell cycle
  • Yeast 7.6 List of metabolic enzymes
The database may be browsed on a gene-by-gene basis

Network visualizations

User queries result in interactomes that may be visualized with various layouts
See the examples for more inspiration

Data export and modeling

Visualized interactomes may be exported in a variety of formats for further analysis

Export network to Excel, JSON, GraphML

For offline usage and further analysis by Gephi and Cytoscape

GEMMER runs best on modern, up-to-date browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Safari)